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Watch our tutorials to learn how the Gas Tag App works in 10 minutes.

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Learn Gas Tag in 10 Minutes

  1. Watched 01:28

    Signing Up and Signing In

    In this video you will learn how to sign up to Gas Tag using your Gas Safe details.

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    Installing a Tag

    Installing a tag will connect the property to the Gas Tag. This is an important step and will ensure a Landlord Gas Safety Record is correctly generated.

  3. Watched 01:33

    Unable To Access

    Sometimes tenants are not able to give you access to the property. Gas Tag makes it easy to prove you have been to the premises.

  4. Watched 00:53

    Adding a contractor card

    As an engineer, you may work for several contractors. Gas Tag allows you to add multiple cards to your profile.

  5. Watched 01:33

    Starting a Job

    Gas Tag makes filling in Gas Safety Records easy. This video show you the different question types, and how they work.

  6. Watched 01:07

    The Appliance List

    Each property has a list of appliances you can perform tasks on. In this video you will learn how to register these appliances so they are available on future jobs.

  7. Watched 00:53

    Completing Tasks on Appliance

    Once appliances have been registered, you can perform various tasks on them. This video will demonstrate how to perform a task on an appliance.

  8. Watched 01:14

    Completing a Job

    Once you have finished a job, the LGSR will automatically be generated and sent to the landlord. This video will show you how to send the LGSR to other parties.

  9. Watched 00:53

    Adding a job to the planner

    Sometimes work takes you places that do not have reception. To make your job easier, Gas Tag allows you to download property details beforehand. This video will show you how the planner works.

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